tisdag 16 februari 2010

RubyTuesday, Lack of color...

Hi friends!
Once again Tuesday and time for some ruby. I am glad to be “forced” to look for some color around me. I am in Denmark with my husband waiting for him to finish off a business meeting and all I can see is white, grey and boring black. This office building is so boring and have a huge lack of personality. They have sure tried to make it modern and impressing, but I can’t say that I am impressed.

 To create this week’s picture for RT I gladly disappears into my own little world for a short while, my world of Photo Shopping. I totally love PS. I makes me smile every time. I keep learning new things. I love being creative! My simple photos becomes art and I feel proud over my knowledge of the program and my ability to create this kind of pictures. I want to learn more, be even more creative, more, more, more! I love doing this. I makes me feel alive and some more meaningful .

Love / Mikabella

3 kommentarer:

Ladyinblue sa...

Bra foto, ha en fin kväll/

♥ Kathy sa...

very pretty...Happy Ruby Tuesday

Loree sa...

Beautiful picture.

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