tisdag 6 oktober 2009

RubyTuesday v 41...

Once again time for RubyTuesday! There is no dubt that fall is here. Ruby, ruby, ruby :) A give you a pic taken today in my hoods ;)
Happy RubyTuesday!/ Mikabella

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Rona Michelson sa...

Beautiful! Are those currants?

Mikabella sa...

Oh I think u call them rowanberrys :) We call them rönnbär.

Rona Michelson sa...

Wow! Thanks for the quick answer. I had never heard of them. Thanks for teaching me something new (I looked them up on Wikipedia!)

Magical Mystical Teacher sa...

Ripe rowan berries
clinging fast to leafless tree—
soon the snow will fall.

My Ruby Tuesday

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