onsdag 20 januari 2010


The cold weather and all the rain and the power of time have created the most beautiful pattern on a door of a small house next to my stable.

Hi all my dear friends. Winter still got a tight hold of us here in Sweden. Snow keeps falling and the temperatur stayes under -+0C. Sure the snow is beautiful, but I am staring to get really bored with it. Ice, grey skyes and the cold wind hitting my face as fast as I leave the secure warmth of my house.

I long for sun to hit my face. I long for the warm felling of spring. Small green leafs on the trees, birds singing and bare ground to walk , ride and run on.

Mr Dubai and I.

I long to take my horse down to the seaside for a long fast gallop. To let him give it all. To fly over the sand. To see the ocean quickly pass me by. I long to feel alive! To feel the soft warm air in my face, feel my heart beat and hear the sound of my horses hoofs hit the ground. Faster and faster!

Well...Every sesson has its ups and downs. Im off to the stable to a short ride in the woods with my friends. The roads are covered in ice so we will have to take it really really slow and careful.

Love / Mikabella

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Pennelina sa...

Kolla in den tassen :-) Så flott!

Kram från Pennelina

Annie sa...

What great pictures and they elicited wonderful memories for me. I was 15 (a terrifying number of years ago) and used to ride on the beach in Del Mar, CA. It hasn't been allow now for decades but way back the race track horses exercised there.

Day4plus sa...

I would love to ride on the beach. Someday maybe. I will have to be satisfied with the trails in the woods. MB

@nemonen sa...

Härligt med en ridtur på stranden. Jättefina sepia bilder.

Marice sa...

that is so beautiful :) you look great riding Mr Dubai!

u may view mine here

Anonym sa...

You are so right. The patterns and textures on the old door are beautiful. I don't have a horse (never rode) but I did manage to get out on my bicycle yesterday when the temp was up to 50 deg F.

Shannara sa...

Härligt det ser ut. Jag har aldrig varit någon ridtjej, men det sista fotot får mej att längta upp på hästryggen igen!

Patti sa...

Wonderful photos. I like the textures on the old door.

The photos of you riding Mr. Dubai are great. I've never ridden.

I am looking forward to spring too!

Gunsside sa...

Stilige bilder, ser flott ut med en ridetur langs stranden ;)

kaye sa...

wonderful post and pictures. Such beauty. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Loree sa...

What a beautiful horse. I can understand that you are longing for warmer days. We all want what we do not have. I wo uld love some snow and ice here for a while instad of seeing the sun every day.

Dianne sa...

the pattern on the door is lovely, the power of time is a wonderful way to put it

the photos of you and your horse are delightful - so free and happy

Gena @ Thinking Aloud sa...

Love the door ... uncanny how your words echo in onahter post this week on an old door... If you have time, here's the link to it:
Gena @ Thinking Aloud
a photoblog
South Africa

ps. am now following you ... love yr work!

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